Amsterdam – I remember that I was exploring AR in my days at Kinetic but back than it was too expensive and not yet ready for the Public.

Finally Augmented Reality comes to a professional level thanks to Apple’s AR Kit in iOS 11 and the IKEA Place app.


Nowadays almost every one has a smart phone, even Granny.. So AR becomes available for almost everyone. Okay, we all know the game Pokemon Go this was in AR, but since Apple released AR Kit the real development of AR took a quick step. AR is an old baby, that never grew up. But now AR becomes a real adult, that will serve multiple purposes, Games, Advertising, Engineering, and more… Just take your wild fantasy and imagine what will be next.


Have you seen the new iPhone X? It’s that amazing borderless phone. This is how AR will look like in 2017 (and the near future) Apple, Samsung and so on, the phones will get borderless, So AR experience will feel more real. We all know when things feel real it gives people that feeling of connection. The feeling that people connect to something or a Brand, is a great thing for advertising.

We all know the traditional ways of advertising like OOH, Online, TVC, Radio etc. They all are affective in their own way.

But when we combine AR and OoH we can create the best of both the digital and the traditional world. We can add a new dimension to advertising, that people can relate there own fantasies, or feel connected to a brand.



With AR, you can even make books come alive. See this project by Sven Haverbus

Interactive AR Book “De Joodse Messias”

Thanks Apple’s ARKIT, (and Google AR Core) Augmented Reality Will Be Great! What will be next, flying cars?

ps. Would you also love to use AR in your next campaign don’t be shy and contact us: Hello@DutchLion.Amsterdam

Roland Haverbus

Roland Haverbus

A Sales and Marketing professional with 30 years of experience in media communication. In the past years I was responsible for the introduction of Kinetic in the Netherlands after building Kinetic into a solid OoH media agency and the OoH reference point for the dutch market.

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