About us

Join the team.

Currently we are not looking for new pride members, currently, there are no specific openings just now, but you may send your resume to [email protected] ‘Cause hey, you never know…

Dutch Lion is a Creative Media Agency, We combine the creative power of an advertising agency with the innovative and technological skills of a digital agency, media agency. To do this, we’ve built a team of experts with diverse backgrounds who believe in combining these powers should be used to deliver better services and experiences for people. We give you the freedom to make things that matter, working alongside colleagues you respect.


Make sure you get introduced by someone well respected, preferably someone we know.


Be original.

Be original in the way you apply, but please don’t do something lame like sending us a pizza or put billboards about yourself in front of our office.


Stalk the agency.

Take a good look at the agency you’re applying for and try to tell that agency what you like about them and why you’re the only possible match for that agency. Tell us, how you are the missing link at Dutch Lion Amsterdam and what you can do better than other Lions that we really need?


Legal stalking.

Study the people you are sending your application to. It’s not that hard to find these people or the agency founders on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google. Try to find out what they write about, what fascinates them and tap into that conversation.


Currently, we are not looking for new people.

But if you want to apply and you share our values, disciplines and experience levels, just fill out the open application form.