We promise, you will  reach the moving minds.


Meet the CityLion.

Fully electric, up to 14 hours of campaign without charging.

Electric vehicle

This electric vehicle is fully customisable.

Full color LED screen

Your campaigns will run on this full color LED screen.

Stand out from the crowd.

With the CityLions you will definitely stand out from the crowd. Everyone is watching, When you choose to personalize the CityLion or add and promotion team your campaign wil rock even more.


The  weather can be important for your campaign.

Saturday 7°CSunday 8°CMonday 9°C


The  weather can be important for your campaign.

Saturday 7°CSunday 8°CMonday 9°C

Enter Into A World Of CityLion

Watch this campaign videos, and be ready.

CityLion for C&A 0:52

The CityLion in action for a brand new store opening for C&A.

Basic information

Service area

CityLions can drive within city centres. Are you outside EU? please contact us.


Basic details

An LED screen with dimensions of 1.20 x 0.90m is mounted on an electrically powered vehicle. Campaigns can run up to 14 hours with out charging. Screen automatically adjust to the light.



We can also brand the vehicle to get your campaign even more eye catching. Contact us for details.


Video for the campaign.

Screen resolution W144 x H192 pixels. (if you want to deliver your own campaign you can use the file formats MOV, MP4, GIF etc..)

Frequently asked questions.

Do you make the design?

Yes, we will make the design, and the strategy.

Can I also deliver my own design?

Yes,  you can deliver your own design. Please contact us so we can you the exact details.

Is the CityLion available outside EU?

The base of the CityLions are in Belgium and The Netherlands, We can deliver your campaign outside the EU, please contact us for details.

You also do the promotion team?

Yes, we will also do the promotion team, we will do anything we design, we create the strategy and we create the promotion team we will look for people that fit the profile for your campaign.