Hi ik ben Sven Harold Haverbus.

Founder and designer.

Sven Harold Haverbus is a graphic designer. His motto is "Be Original, Be Yourself!" Sven has a pasion for design, but is also a good sales man. He know how to talk with people and has a great empathy.

Sven worked as graphic designers at some advertising and media agencies. And he worked as sales at Boost, Sven also worked as freelance sales man. Nice to know is that Sven worked as entertainer for TUI AG in 2015 he was team leader of the teen club.

Wat ik doe.

  • Grafisch ontwerp
  • Web design
  • Online marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • SEO optimalisatie
  • Huisstijl


M. +31 6 3413 8506
E. [email protected]

Social media.