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About us


Dutch Lion helps clients evolve into effective brand publishers, creating new ways for companies to reach and engage with their audiences.

Creating great content is critical to engaging users and shaping brands. But it can be a challenge to produce content that is timely, relevant and compelling. The best brands say the right thing at the right time, coordinating their message across channels to offer cohesive, on-brand content that is valuable to their audiences.

The Content Strategy team members at Dutch Lion are experts in digital assets and content management systems, information science, and editorial and media management. Together, our services provide guidance and support throughout the launch of new websites, products or businesses, from initial strategy through content production and distribution. In doing so, we transform and strengthen marketing and communications operations, technological infrastructure and information management practices, turning every client into an efficient and sustainable brand publisher.


We define how brands engage with their audience, from what they should say to how and when they should say it. Through content assessment and voice and tone definition, we create and implement effective editorial strategies for publishing, curation and content creation across all touchpoints.

Information strategy

We create effective content structures, including metadata schemas, taxonomies and ontologies, that improve content findability, enable personalization, support advanced analytics and promote modular cross-channel content. We also provide hiring assistance, governance documentation and training seminars to help clients maintain their content structures and processes.

Publishing management

We have a rich background in CMS design and implementation, content development and management, workflow design and governance. Our innovative content production and deployment solutions equip organizations with the talent and technology they need to meet content goals.

Content development

We work closely with Dutch Lion designers to create custom content, spanning status updates, videos and images, long-form blog posts and beyond. We help brands publish across media outlets or partner with influencers to create content for their owned channels.