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About us


To engage users effectively, brands need to participate organically in the conversations that matter to users most. Dutch Lion helps brands use owned, earned and paid media to captivate people, reinvent themselves and create powerful user bases.

As the communications landscape becomes more complex, and people discover and define brands through multiple touchpoints. The role of social media has become a focus. Dutch Lion helps brands navigate the social conversation, engage influencers and generate media coverage. We work with data scientists,  designers, researchers and business strategists to ensure that they account for and meet business goals, marketing objectives and KPIs.

Dutch Lion creates engaging branded content supported by distribution across owned channels and paid social advertising. Amplified by earned media secured through influencer relationships. Our team plans, implements and iterates rapidly. We reach users and spark conversation by offering them real value, delivering culturally and contextually relevant content. By harnessing the real-time marketing potential of social media, we help brands capitalize on cultural moments with a human touch.


Our comprehensive social media strategies bring owned, earned and paid media together to drive holistic marketing success. Launch strategies involving targeted outreach and public relations ensure that all social efforts support specific marketing objectives and business goals.


Dutch Lion creates social-centric marketing campaigns, where moments are broadly shared among the target audience. Tactics include viral videos, events and user-generated content.

Community management

We help brands grow community presence across platforms, from Twitter and Facebook to Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram and Vine.

Influencer engagement

Building brand advocates through relationships with bloggers and other influencers helps brands create authentic connections with new audiences. We assist brands in forging these partnerships to reach influencers’ engaged followers.

Crisis response

We help brands identify issues that may arise and develop contingency plans in advance. If a crisis does occur, we conduct extensive real-time monitoring to ensure that the brand can respond to issues appropriately and in a timely manner on social channels.


Dutch Lion data analysts track the progress and quantify the results of our social efforts. Clients receive comprehensive analytics reports that tie social success back to business goals, marketing objectives and KPIs.