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Dutch Lion Amsterdam


Dutch Lion Amsterdam is located in Almere a city near Amsterdam. It was built by the people from Amsterdam and ‘t Gooi. It is a modern city, with manny startups. Almere is fully under sea level, it is like Atlantis only then not underwater… Almere is the fastest growing city in The Netherlands.

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Our Specialties

Yep, we too have a icon list... But it is true we can make you rock.

Corporate ID

Logo's, Business cards, and all other stuff that is needed for your corporate ID.

Web Design

We design the website you love.

Print Design

We make print designs, posters, flyers, flags etc. Just tell us what you want and we will design it.

Online Marketing

We design your full online campagne, banner, social media etc.

Field Marketing

We are lions, so we will start a field marketing campaign like a lion.

Video & Photography

And off course we can do your photography and video. Yes we can photoshop, and yes we can edit your video. We can also design your TV campaign. (icl. storyboard)

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Amsterdam HQ

Rodosstraat 53
1339 VG, Amsterdam-Almere
The Netherlands
+316 3413 8506
KvK: 67268706