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  • UXD

The focus on the content.

We created a simple and clean design that puts the focus on the news content. We started with the mobile smartphone design, and after that, we designed the Tablet/Desktop version. We also add a Personalized News Feed with the RTL account. When people sign up, they will be able to select their interests. When They like or dislike a news item, the algorithm will change their news feed. We also added a Happy News Only mode. This mode will filter out all the sad news.

The old RTL Nieuws

This was how RTL Nieuws used to look like.

The new RTL Nieuws

We made a simple and clean design.

A new way to

follow the news.

The news is moving fast, so are the people who follow the news. That is why we created a mobile first website. We designed a news site that is clean, and simple to use. As well in Native App as in Web App. After we designed the mobile app, we designed the Desktop/Tablet app.

All the News

All content from RTL Nieuws group in one place.

Ultimate Interface

No matter how hard you look, you’ll never find better.

Personalized News

When you have an RTL Account you will be able to choose what topic you like. Every time you like or dislike a news item the algorithm will change, so you will always get the news your like.


Sometimes you don’t want to hear about the bad things that are happening in the world. So we designed a Happy Mood button when you touch that button you will only get all the happy news of the day.

Personalized News Feed

When you don’t like a news article in your news feed, you just swipe left. This will change your news feeds algorithm.

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