How do you start a sales conversation? Do you go ashore with your amazing product and all interesting features or do you opt for a more integer approach?

First determine the need before you make an offer. How do you approach that smartly?

Never forget in your product details

Sales people hear themselves happy to talk. I also prefer to talk for hours about how good and beautiful our product is. Unfortunately, you lose the attention of your potential customer. And that’s not smart. I can almost hear the customer think: “Nice, all those technical details, but what does it mean for me?” That’s where your sales opportunity goes. Your customer does not want to talk about your product at all. Your customer wants to talk about his problems, his needs and ultimately about your solution.

But focus on your customer’s needs

This customer is not sitting at your table for nothing. He is looking for a solution to his problem. It is up to you to raise that problem or need. Who do you sit at the table and where does he lie awake at night? If you have this knowledge, you can start with your sales conversation. For example via a cross model.

And dream along …

Through a cross model we think along with the customer on a strategic level. Together with him we look at the larger picture and there is exactly the opportunity. This way we discover together where the customer stands, where he wants to go and what his dreams are. By going deeper into the business objectives with regard to, for our service, four important quadrants that together form the cross model:

Product / services (Which products / services does your customer sell now and which products / services does he hope to sell in the future?) Customers (Who is the target group and who are the decision makers and which target groups and decision makers do you hope to add?) Figures (How many customers / turnover does your customer have and where does he want to go, what are the objectives? Marketing (What is marketing-wise now and what is needed to achieve the objectives?)

if you have insight into your partner’s dream, then you know where you can jump into. How do you help your customer with your product / service to make his dream come true?